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Who is Casper Nybroe?

The following is a resume of me and how I got to where I am today.

I have always been creative with projects and I find it fun to workout new, easier and more efficient ways to optimize work and to develop new products.
I am very open, outgoing and easy to talk to. I have my opinion on things but I am not afraid to admit, if I am wrong. This - amongst others - makes me a good teamplayer and a good leader.
In the year 2006 I started reading about online marketing and webshops. I studied at home along with my full-time job at the Copenhagen Fire Brigade. I read and took seminars about how to make your own webshop and how to run it and within 2 years I had my own webshop - "Kampgear". The shop was setup with dropshipping and everything went well besides the storage system at my dropshipper. This unfortunately forced me to shut down the webshop. Fortunately this experience had given me knowledge about my niche and I was able to get a job as a consultant at Nippon Sport where I worked for 1½ years until I started on my own project - "Fightplan".
I graduated as a fireman and an ambulance driver at Copenhagen Fire Brigade but after 5 years of service I choosed to leave the job. I left because I wanted new challenges and because I wanted a job where I worked with projects. Therefore I started my education Healthcare Technology. With this education I am able to combine my two areas of expertise - healthcare and technology.
During the education I started working on my new project called "Fightplan". Read more about it here.
Fightplan has been live since 2013 and in mid 2017 I decided to start on a new version of Fightplan which includes developing the application from scratch. The new version includes a completely new design, full responsiveness and much more, check it out here.
Since I was 11 years old I have been training martial arts and I have tried alot of different styles such as MMA, Boxing, Karate, Goshin Jitsu, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Boxing and Kickboxing. As for now I have ended up with training kickboxing, which - up until 2016 - I trained 2-3 times a week where I trained on the fighting team and where I coached the beginners. I had my first son early 2017 which forced me to put Kickboxing aside for now but I hope I will be able to resume the training in the nearby future. Until then I keep my training up to date as much as possible by working on my own sandbag.
Besides my education, my work and my training I spend alot of time with my friends and family.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Following is a list of what I see as my strengths and weaknesses.


  • Outgoing and easy to talk to
  • Always happy and smiling
  • Always positive and hard working
  • Fast learner
  • Not afraid of new challenges
  • I have a strong will
  • Engineer by nature
  • Responsible
  • Flexible

Both strenghts and weaknesses

The following things can be discussed if its a strenght or a weakness:

  • Impatient

I want to get things done as soon as possible. But without rushing anything. Things must be done properly which it won't if rushed. Personaly I see this as a strenght but I understand why some might see it as a weakness.

  • Stubborn

I don't back down too easy. If I am really set on getting something done or getting something to work, I usually get it. Although there always will be something that you can't do by yourself or on your own. This can be a strenght when handeling something complicated, but it can also be a weakness if I use too much time on it and still haven't got any results at the end.

  • Perfectionist

I always want things to be done properly and to perfection - if possible. Unfortunately there is not always time for perfection. The positive side of this skill is that I always strive to archive the best possible result. The negative side is that the time spendt on one thing might be too much.

Skills and Experience

Through the years of learning I have been on several very different projects and jobs, which have lead to the following skills and exprience.


  • HTML - I have worked with HTML design and development since 2006.
  • CSS - I have worked with HTML design and development since 2006.
  • Java - I have worked and programmed in Java through my education Healthcare Tehcnology.
  • Adwords - I have worked with handeling and optimizing Google Adwords on and off since 2006.
  • Adsence - I have worked with handeling and optimizing Google Adsense on and off since 2006.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - From 2006-2010 I have worked with and had focus on SEO for blogs and webshops.
  • Photoshop - Since 2006 I have been working with Photoshop as a part of my web solutions.
  • C# - Since 2012 I have made projects with C# coding.
  • JavaScript (incl. AngularJs) - Since 2012 I have made projects with JavaScript and AngularJs.
  • Angular2(4) and Redux pattern (RxJs) - Since 2016 I have been working with Angular2 and Redux pattern along my job at KMD A/S.
  • Azure Cloud Services - Since 2013 I have been working with several of the services from Azure along my job at KMD A/S.
  • PHP - From 2011-2013 I have made small features to my websites with PHP coding.
  • Ruby on Rails - During fall 2014 I worked with Ruby on Rails with the projekt DiabeticLink at Arizona, USA.
  • Certified project manager after DS/ISO 21500 - During spring 2014 I got certified as a project manager. See my certification here.
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD): App Builder - During 2016 I went through four courses (Developing ASP.NET MVC Web applications, Developing Microsoft Azure and Web services, Programming in C#, Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3) to get certified as MCSD. See my certification here.
  • License to drive: - B(car), C(Truck), BE(Car with trailer, total weight 3.5 tons), CE(Truck with trailer).


  • Danish - mother tongue.
  • English - fluently speaking and experienced in writing.


  • Website user mentality - Since 2006 I have been working with websites and studiet the online user mentality.
  • B2B - My work at Group Nordica ApS has given me alot of experience with B2B sales.
  • B2C - My work at Group Nordica ApS has given me alot of experience with B2C sales.
  • Supervisor - I was supervisor for my education team during my education at Copenhagen Fire Brigade and was offered a job as supervisor at OTRA's main storage.
  • Military - Voluntary Military Service for four months.
  • Copenhagen Fire Brigade - I have five years of experience working as a firefighter and an ambulance driver.
  • Danish Healthcare Sector - As an ambulance driver for five years I have gained alot of experience and knowledge from the Danish healthcare sector.
  • Teambuilding and Coaching - Since 2013 I have coached the beginners at my kickboxing club ones a week.
  • Studying abroad - During fall 2014 I studied abroad at Artificial Intelligence Lab in USA, University of Arizona.
  • Working remotely across countries - During spring 2015 I worked remotely in Denmark for Artificial Intelligence Lab in USA, University of Arizona until I choosed to leave the job. In KMD A/S I got experience from working across countries with developers from Polen.
  • Project development and management on a small scale - Since September 2014 I have been developing and managing Fightplan by myself. Fightplan is a web application to plan and manage live martial art events. Read more about it on my website Fightplan.
  • Scrum and Agile Development - Developer teams in KMD A/S work using the Scrum and Agile Development guidelines which I have been a part of since 2016.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Listet below you will find my CV. It is also available on downlad.



Graduated Elementary School at the age of 16.


Graduated High School, specializing in Mathematic at the age of 19.


Voluntary Military Service at Antvorskov Barracks.


Completed first two semesters, Mechanical Engineering at Technical University of Denmark.


Completed basic paramedic course.


Hired at Copenhagen Fire Brigade as a Paramedic Trainee.


Passed the Paramedic Assistant exam.


Passed the Paramedic exam and was hired by the Copenhagen Fire Brigade.


Started Health Care Technology at Technical University of Denmark (DTU).


Certified project manager after DS/ISO 21500 (See my certification here).


Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD): App Builder (See my certification here).



Service assistant at Super Brugsen, Karlslunde.


Service assistant in Construction department at Bilka, Hundige.


Storage assistant at ILVA’s main storage in Greve.


Storage assistant at OTRA’s main storage in Herlev. Got offered a job as a Supervisor, but had to decline because of my employment at Copenhagen Fire Brigade.


Paramedic Assistant and Firefighter at Copenhagen Fire Brigade..


Marketing and Martial Art Consultant at Group Nordica ApS who develops online shops selling various products including martial arts equipment.


Marketing consultant and developer/designer for the DiabeticLink project at the University of Arizona (Part of my education.)


Developer at KMD A/S

Voluntary work


Coaching the beginners at my kickboxing club once a week.


Ringside coach and cutman for fighters in contest.


Hsinchun Chen - Director, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, University of Arizona

Marie Paldam Folker and Ana Maria d´Auchamp – Danish partner for University of Arizona on DiabeticLink at Danish Technological Institute (DTI). - +45 23606589 - +45 72202435

Lars Juul Madsen – Group Nordica ApS, CEO - +45 30130606

Joshua Chuang – Mentor on SilverLink and DiabeticLink during my semester as University of Arizona

Hobbies and interests

Family and friends.

Fitness, including cardio and strength.

Kickboxing, Boxing and other aspects of Martial Arts.


Listet below are links to projects that I have been or are working on.

Bispebjerg Kickboxing

Nippon Sport


Download paper on DiabeticLink here


Download paper on SilverLink here


Fightplan v1 (new version)

Haugaard Zoneterapi og Massage

KMD Momentum

KMD Momentum